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4/1 restrictor top left, Z774  LH and RH *special. Concealed non-lock restrictor, found usually on aluminium frames. Self colour.  Use with stud.

4/2 locking restrictor, S786/3 RH shown. Suit aluminium frames, releasable with key, relocks automatically when window is closed. Packer required to give 786/1. 14.5mm high.

4/3b sliding stud, shown on right. LH or RH S789. Used with previous restrictors (as alternative to a standard stud).

4/4 concealed restrictor, shown bottom left.  RH pictured. Suit top or side hung casement, ideal for releasable child restrictor. Can be released but re-engages when window is closed.  Shown with 4/4b stud. Packers may be required for some profiles.

4/5 security restrictor, shown bottom.  LH type pictured.  Old version used to have female key on squared male location, now replaced with allen key operation.  Mostly found on timber casements, top or side hung, vertical and horizontal pivots.

Price (per item): £POA
4/1 - 4/5 restrictors